Come and experience for yourself the unique power and artistry of this approach. Dynamic Facilitation Associates offers three and four day seminars in Dynamic Facilitation.

There are several people certified to offer trainings in Dynamic Facilitation. Contact us to be connected to these individuals.

Sponsor a Seminar

Dynamic Facilitation Associates offers in-house and public seminars for organizations.

Dynamic Facilitation Community of Practice

Over the years, there has been a great deal of informal support and mutual learning among people who are exploring Dynamic Facilitation and deepening their skills. After each training, participants often stay in touch with one another through practice groups, additional training sessions, or our listserv.

We have launched a new email listserv to help build a broader community among people who are studying and practicing Dynamic Facilitation.
Visit the group online and request a subscription.

Advanced Training, Mentoring, & Professional Development Opportunities

Dynamic Facilitation Associates offers advanced seminars and individualized coaching for people who have already taken a basic seminar in Dynamic Facilitation. In addition, we have offered a yearlong Dynamic Facilitation Professional Development Intensive program and continuing education webinars, which feature things like advanced seminars, one-on-one coaching, and teleconferences. Please inquire with us if you are interested in signing up for these opportunities.

From Conflict To Creative Collaboration:
A User’s Guide to Dynamic Facilitation

By Rosa Zubizarreta

Some people find they can learn a great deal simply by reading Rosa’s User’s Guide and experimenting on their own.
Available for purchase through Amazon.com and bookstores.

Note: Rosa’s new book replaces her former Dynamic Facilitation Manual and Guide.