DYNAMIC FACILITATION is a way to help people address and solve difficult, impossible-seeming issues … to think, talk, and work together collaboratively and creatively and achieve shifts and breakthroughs.
Results include:
  • Better solutions to difficult issues, faster with more consensus
  • Clarity and empowerment: People determine and resolve what’s really on their minds
  • Trust, respect, and the spirit of community
  • Increased knowledge, and skills
  • Everyone is engaged, enthused, and committed to the results
  • Opening new doors of possibility for transforming large systems
Dynamic Facilitation works this magic by establishing a field of thinking called “choice-creating” where:
  • Each individual’s wisdom and creative perspective are evoked
  • Each person’s contributions are valued and held safe from judgment
  • Issues are explored and dealt with in their full complexity
  • The group seeks answers that work for everyone
  • Answers are co-discovered … what we call "co-sensus"
Dynamic Facilitation opens NEW doors of possibility for transforming large systems of people:
  • The spirit of choice-creating is resonant among people who are watching or who hear about the results
  • Governments or citizen groups can facilitate a whole community of people (or corporation) to cooperate in solving a difficult, ill-formed public issues... like healthcare, the budget, etc. (See www.WiseDemocracy.org)
  • The Wisdom Council Process may be used to establish “Wise Democracy,” with an ongoing, inclusive voice of “We the People”... (or “We the employees”)
People who use DF include:
  • Leaders, change agents, therapists, consultants, facilitators, mediators, teachers, parents, spouses, social change activists
  • Anyone who is struggling with difficult, impossible-to-solve issues can benefit
At Dynamic Facilitation Associates we:
  • Teach Dynamic Facilitation and the Wisdom Council Process in seminars
  • Facilitate people and organizations to solve impossible-seeming issues, and to transform themselves in the process
  • Support elected officials and government agencies to involve citizens in wise governance processes
  • Help people to understand and benefit from the new potential these methods bring
  • Support organizations to rapidly transform themselves from the bottom up
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