Do you ever feel like the world’s problems are just too big for society to overcome? The answer to today’s major problems is for all of us to shift our ways of thinking and acting together. If we were to respectfully work together to address the many issues we face, just that alone would solve many of them.

This shift in our level of collective intelligence is possible to achieve through a the Wisdom Council process. We invite you to explore how this idea might be used on the national scale. See Jim Rough’s book
“Society’s Breakthrough: Releasing Essential Wisdom and Virtue in All the People.”

You’ll learn practical ways to enhance the quality of democratic self-governance within your own neighborhood or city, place of work or community through application of “Choice-creating,” “Dynamic Facilitation” and the “Wisdom Council.”

Robert Steele, one of the top 50 reviewers for Amazon.com said about the book,

“This is one of the most brilliant and compellingly comprehensive books I have read in recent time, and… perhaps even one of the ten most important books available in English.”

Dr. David Whitfield, professor at Gonzaga University, reported this,

"I had my first class this weekend on Leadership & Social Justice. Though it’s a small class, only 8, the students are excited about your book; one is a sociologist; another is a pastor, certified therapists, etc. The word was, ‘This guy has the answer!’ in referring to your Society’s Breakthrough!"

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