• Meetings arrive at better solutions to problems, faster and with more consensus
  • Groups achieve breakthroughs on impossible-to-solve issues
  • People determine and resolve what’s really on their minds
  • The process builds trust, respect, and the spirit of community
  • Everyone is engaged, enthused, and committed to the results
  • People grow in personal creativity and capability
  • Groups can access their broadest range of capability...

Dynamic Facilitation is appropriate to:
  • RESOLVE BIG ISSUES: deal with difficult times, crises, or “impossible” problems; strategic planning; sparking a leap forward; or visioning.
  • BUILD COMMUNITY: generate a sense of respect, resolve conflict, build trust, develop shared values, and the spirit of working together.
  • ASSURE EXCELLENCE: new levels of organizational capability, where the ultimate product or service is extraordinary.
  • BUILD A CIRCLE CULTURE: shift the organizational system where the ultimate process of making decisions is collaborative and respectful.
  • DEVELOP PEOPLE: coaching, managing, training, and personal development experiences where people awaken to new levels of empowerment.
  • IMPROVE ORDINARY MEETINGS: make small group decisions, plan, and problem-solve.
Traditional meetings often encourage transactional conversations rather than transformational conversations. Dynamic Facilitation is an approach to assure transformational conversations in one-on-one, small group, large group, and systemic conversations.

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