The best way to learn Dynamic Facilitation is through the seminar:


Dynamic Facilitation releases the innate creativity of people. In the face of difficult issues people rise to the challenge, pull together, and create practical, unanimous solutions.

Dynamic Facilitation evokes “choice-creating,” a special quality of thinking where people use all their capacities to achieve breakthroughs on impossible-seeming issues. Choice-creating is like what often happens naturally in a crisis, where everyone drops their old ways of thinking and comes together to achieve the impossible. Dynamic Facilitation can be used with individuals, groups, organizations and, through the Wisdom Council, very large systems of people. See the post on Dynamic Facilitation from a recent seminar participant.

Dynamic Facilitation opens new doors of possibility in:

  • LEADERSHIP ... What’s the #1 Leadership competency for the future? ... How about being able to help people face the most important issues creatively and collaboratively, where they reach unanimous solutions quickly, and where the process builds trust and the spirit of community? That's what DF is designed for.
  • SOLVING IMPOSSIBLE ISSUES ... Do you believe human creativity exists? … Well then, of course it's possible to solve impossible problems. If we rely only on reason and logic then we might say, “We can’t do anything about that.” But with Dynamic Facilitation we shift our thinking to choice-creating, the kind of thinking where shifts and breakthroughs are frequent and where people feel empowered.
  • BUILDING COMMUNITY, MANAGING DIVERSITY and evoking THE SPIRIT OF “WE” ... Have you noticed that the word "we" can mean more than just the plural personal pronoun? … We can also mean all-of-us-together-as-one. In order for people to face challenges creatively and achieve breakthroughs, there must be diversity. Shifts and breakthroughs arise out of differences. So here's a way people can reach unity on what to do, yet value differences and support individual uniqueness.
  • EMPOWERING PEOPLE ... When people face tough issues creatively together and experience shifts and breakthroughs they feel empowered. This is a natural, transformational result of Dynamic Facilitation. It has application in many areas like healing trauma, overcoming bullying, and sparking bottom-up systems change.
  • RESOLVING CONFLICTS ... Have you noticed the power in conflict? … Here's a way to harness that power productively. In a radio interview, Tom Atlee, author of The Tao of Democracy” says, The most powerful conflict transformation process I know is called Dynamic Facilitation. With Dynamic Facilitation you help conflicted parties see their conflict as an impossible-seeming issue they are working together to solve. As they shifts and breakthroughs occur people it's exciting for all to realize that their differences are helping.
  • TRANSFORMING ORGANIZATIONS ... How do you spark bottom up change in organizations? … Dynamic Facilitation provides a new set of tools for helping those at the bottom of organizations begin solving issues they didn't think they could affect. They solve problems, create shared vision, and build the spirit of “We”. It's a shift in organizational style from the Triangle (or the Box) to the Circle. (See the article “The Circle Organization: Structuring for Collective Wisdom.”)
  • EVOKING WISE DEMOCRACY ... What is the most important change you'd like to see in society? … Whatever your answer behind it there is usually the statement, "We need to this solution." Choice-creating is the thinking process where "We" come together, think about issues, discern solutions and implement them. New social innovations based in Dynamic Facilitation like the Wisdom Council Process and the Creative Insight Council, can help large systems of people think together this way. The nonprofit organization: Center for Wise Democracy has many resources which describe how this new approach works and is being implemented.
  • ACHIEVING PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS ... Have you ever gotten stuck in making a decision? … The perspective of Dynamic Facilitation can help you shift from "decision-making" to "choice-creating." Using this you can also be more empowered yourself, and more facilitative of others.

How you can get started
  • Seminars ... Especially if you are a consultant, manager, facilitator, mediator, or therapist seeking to build your capabilities for change, come to a seminar in Dynamic Facilitation and the Wisdom Council. Or convene a seminar in your area or for your network.
  • Facilitation ... If you have an issue that is of high importance or deeply conflicted or seemingly impossible, which could benefit from dynamically facilitation.
  • Consulting ... If you want to build a “Circle System”—a culture of participation, innovation, collaboration, and accountability— ask us to work with you.
  • Presentations and keynotes ... If you seek to inspire people to create new choices in their lives, ask us to present how in a short format.
  • Learn more ...

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